Monique At XX


Carmela at XVIII Highlights

“I love that you really aim for excellence and you love learning……. your persistence really pays off”
Just sharing Carmela’s Birthday Highlights….


Roni At 18 Same Day Edit

Flowers have different types characteristics and colors.
Some are big, some are small,
some go in groups,
some are more independent,
some shine brightly like sun flowers,
others bloom vibrantly like roses,
some also encounter the heat of summers and worst of storms but it only strengthens their roots.
Flowers are as colorful as rainbows.
Leaving all those who see them in awe and just like flowers, we all shine.

Just like a flower – I’m about to bloom.


Fiona A Decade and Eight

“You have now reached the point,
Where you will not be treated as a child anymore,
So as you celebrate more birthdays and grow up,
Make sure that you grow up for the better.”

Watch the Onsite Video of our lovely princess Fiona Salvador.

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them”
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Fiona Onsite Photo

“Any girl can be a princess.
Hold your head high and keep smiling
‘Cause that’s just what a princess does”


Simply Reka – Karen At 18

“We really would like to give the best for Karen….”
Sharing the SDE video of AGEM’s princess – Karen Bautista

October 30, 2015
Plaza Ibarra